10 things that I’m gonna do list. Part duex!

17 Jan

About 30 days 6 MONTHS later I can say I actually did a few things on this list. Lets discuss!

1. Infuse KettleOne vodka with something tasty. Like blood orange from the farmers market.

Nope. Didn’t do it.

2. Make coconut flour pancakes that make me like pancakes. They really don’t do anything for me.

Wow! I made this recipe from my favorite paleo blog, Nom Nom Paleo. Just the name should make you want to visit.

3. Sew the toddlers’ long sleeve shirts into shortsleeves rather then the cut off white trash version.

Yeah, what a colossal waste of time. She certainly doesn’t care how she looks, the trees and birds don’t either. And that is who is seeing her right now…

4. Do something with this sad mop of hair. It was a cute cut until the blowout needed to be washed. Now it’s a frizzy mess. WTF?

Didn’t do anything until last month. My sister is a freaking master stylist. It now looks SO GOOD. She did a thing she calls “Kardashian layers” or hidden layers. I’d post a pic but then… I’d have to take one. And we all know that is not happening.

5. Join a wine club. Oh please, can I cram this into our already (overspending) budget? Someone help!

Ha! I did join one. Currently loving it.

6. Exercise for a week straight without stopping because of extreme soreness or groin injury from first attempt at sprints. Really tho?

I did SEVEN days straight of T-Tapp’s 15 minute workout. It didn’t do much. But I may start again.

7. Do just ONE pull-up. Just ONE.

Nope. Can’t do push ups either. Hahahahahahahhhahaha.

8. Write more on this blog about important stuff like lists of things I’ll never do.

Look ma! I’m writing on me blog!

9. Lose 20 pounds by December so I can gain it ALL back in December once pregnant. Pointless?

I *gained* 10 pounds in 2 weeks. No joke. My thyroid hates me.

10. Eat Paleo/Primal. Stop. Eating. Junk! Track results somehow? People say “You look great” how can that be? I lose nothing on the scale. My measurements, the same. Strange?

People aren’t saying I look *great* anymore. What happened? :cries:

Ray Peat: Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis Diet = Sugar. Yay!

3 Jan

So trying this today after reading a bit and I feel fine, not that different from Primal (Mark’s Daily Apple) because guess what people? I never gave up dairy! I had lots of OJ and ate some white rice. Screw it! I need some variety for one, and Peat says lettuces have lots of toxins, even the organic variety.

The rules as I understand them:
Do not eat any processed foods (duh), wheat (duh), legumes, oils or ANY foods that contain a high level of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Ok, makes sense. Guess my Trader Joe’s chicken sausage is out. Like I didn’t already know that. Hubster got me a food grinder so I am going to make my own meat grinds!

It appears that the main thing is to food combine. Sugar with protein. This is intriguing especially because it means one of my favorite snacks and something I ate my entire pregnancy. Apples and cheese! But this is *not* a weight loss diet. It’s a diet to *heal* and get the metabolism where it should be in order to start losing weight. This is starting to really make sense to me. Primal and Paleo were supposed to help me lose and didn’t so I give up on that front. I’m going to try this for a while and see what happens. It’s really just Primal with less focus on vegetables and more on fruit. I’m fine with that, obviously. I’m a fruit-a-holic.

My temperature throughout the day sure is interesting. Broda Barnes says he would diagnose (don’t quote me, this is how I understood some random article online) patients literally by their low temps. Mine was pretty low all day today. All day. Before eating, after eating. Low. Even after running around town on errands. Makes you wonder…

Temp: 96.2 at 12:15pm. (before eating)
Temp: 97.0 at 2:25pm (after eating)
Temp: 97.3 at 6:55pm (before eating)
Temp: 97.6 at 8:16pm (after eating)

Pulse: 82bpm (taken at 8:12pm)

Temps below 98 degrees are considered to have a problem with their metabolism. 85bpm on average is a normal resting pulse. I’m low on both. According to Ray Peat, I must be hypothyroid even though Kaiser says I’m not. Yay.

I’m doing a strength-training workout for weight loss (haha, what a joke!) and it’s kicking my ass. I also am T-Tapping and trying to get some walks in with sprints here and there. I will not be intermittently fasting because I am trying to get pregnant and taking care of a toddler during IF would not be fun, I’m sure. However– some mornings I’m busy and don’t get around eating until 1-2pm so I guess that is fasting, isn’t it? Yet I lose no weight! And I refuse to blame the red wine. So don’t even try it.

Wish me luck. Again.

T-Tapp + Primal 21-day Challenge: Finished

21 Dec

2-inch loss? Nope. Not here. I did the SEVEN day bootcamp and saw zero results. Actually, I got a few inches *larger* now that I look at measurements. But lets remember, I started this in December which is a terrible month for me. So busy and stressed. I wasn’t consistent with the every other day thing for a few weeks though– I lasted about 21 days total. I am gonna blame Hashimoto’s. I think I’m having a “flare up” as they say. I feel like shit right now. So does my hubster who has Psoriasis. Guess it’s a seasonal thing. Yay.

T-Tapp doesn’t work as claimed and Teresa does say that everyone is different and this can take time. But I was hoping, just once, to get some results! Now, I probably needed to spend much more time doing it consistently and my body is obviously in a state of hormonal chaos. Yes, I did feel great after the short 15 minute workout. Though I found it boring. I wanted to do more but the book was hard to follow and I don’t have $50 right now to spend on another workout/diet plan.

Yesterday I get a PM from a member on MDA (Mark’s Daily Apple) and she tells me in so many words, “Primal doesn’t work for people with Hashimoto’s, google Ray Peat.” then sends me a few links. At first I read some strange articles about people downing gallons of milk, orange juice and dairy/fruit/protein combinations. Um what? That sounds like utter bullshit. I mean, a pint of ice cream every night? I thought sugar/dairy was the enemy. Maybe not? I can totally accept it however. Who doesn’t like cheese and fruit? UM? CMON. WHO?

But as desperate as I am, I’ll try anything. The food plan is totally confusing but I’m making some sense of it. Stay tuned for my next post about yet another diet. WOO!

T-Tapp + Primal 21-day Challenge: Day 8-12

12 Dec

Why haven’t I written? Well… things have been BUSY very BUSY. And you know what? I’m really not seeing any results like the book claims and am highly annoyed by that fact. I’ll keep doing it for the full 21 days but it’s not looking good. My pants aren’t loose, my eating is the same (maybe a little worse) and quite frankly, I don’t find the workout that challenging or am very excited to do it.

Should I step it up to a 45 minute workout? Sure. Do I want or have time to do that? Nope. Not this month. The bootcamp I did is 7 days straight and a few weeks of every other day to lose two dress sizes. I know these things take time so I’ll keep on keeping on.

But right now I’m pretty disappointed…

T-Tapp + Primal 21-day Challenge: Day 7

7 Dec

I did it! 7 days in a row and I hate to say… It was sort of easy. For some reason I was expecting results. Like I maybe lost and inch or something. Nope. Ugh. Why do I bother? I know, I know. Give it 4 weeks. Well, more like 3 but yeah, I’ll try to wait to re-measure then. It’s so discouraging hearing stories about ladies who lost 3 inches the first week. That clearly isn’t happening to me.

I realized today how much I’m craving baked goods. Jesus Christ! Lets just say gluten-free baking is fun and easy and wow… Really good! I was surprised by that quite frankly.

So I decided to to get some good grapes instead of candy/baked good. I didn’t buy more sugar and pumpkin purée to make chocolate chip pumpkin muffins though I wanted too. Oh yes I did.

I’m noticing a lot annoying things. Like putting on jeans that fit pretty comfortably last year are annoyingly tight. Even though just looking at pictures from me last year to this year it’s obvious how much “weight” I lost. Weird!

Tomorrow I get my first day off. Looking forward to it. I was primal all day except for the sweetened condensed milk and potato chips at Starbucks. Ooops.

T-Tapp + Primal 21-day Challenge: Day 4-5-6

6 Dec

So today and yesterday were pretty uneventful. One crappy thing I am noticing… My parts are fitting rather… tightly. After 5 friggen days of T-Tapping and MOSTLY primal, this really irks me. I have been eating more sugar, fine. But this workout is supposed to help with getting rid of inflammation. Is it working? I don’t feel like I’m going THAT off the rails. Do I really have to be *that* careful to see *any* results? Wouldn’t that be totally effed up? I mean, it’s Dec. it’s hard to resist baked goods. Especially the gluten-free variety.

Yesterday and today’s workout wasn’t needed as I was doing the 4 days in a row/every other day. Now I think I’m going to go for the 7 days in a row and see what happens by the end of Dec.

Food-wise I’m doing good. Except for the ice cream my damn hubster brought home and the random baked good. Yes, I will be having honey in my coffee and maybe even some sweetened condensed milk (organic from Trader Joe’s! Squeee!). But I feel like I’m well within the 80/20 rule.

Please let me see some results soon!

T-Tapp + Primal 21-day Challenge: Day 3

3 Dec

T-Tapp Basic Plus Workout:
Getting faster at this now! I only really have to make sure my form is correct. Still– the workout DVDs sure would help. I don’t want to pay however! I got a comment from another fellow blogger saying she lost 9 inches. WOW! I really hope I see that kind of success. I have a pair of jeggings from American Eagle I am dying to get on, and they are one size smaller then I am currently. ;)

Primal eating:
Eggs scrambled on top of chorizo (Sprouts doesn’t add anything weird!) with kale, carrots and bell peppers. Some green Trader Joes’ salsa on top. YUM!

Oh dear. Sonic cheeseburger wrapped in lettuce. Tarot tots. And the kicker? Didn’t really taste good.

Dinner is orange chicken and cauliflower rice. So effing good.


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