T-Tapp + Primal 21-day Challenge: Day 4-5-6

6 Dec

So today and yesterday were pretty uneventful. One crappy thing I am noticing… My parts are fitting rather… tightly. After 5 friggen days of T-Tapping and MOSTLY primal, this really irks me. I have been eating more sugar, fine. But this workout is supposed to help with getting rid of inflammation. Is it working? I don’t feel like I’m going THAT off the rails. Do I really have to be *that* careful to see *any* results? Wouldn’t that be totally effed up? I mean, it’s Dec. it’s hard to resist baked goods. Especially the gluten-free variety.

Yesterday and today’s workout wasn’t needed as I was doing the 4 days in a row/every other day. Now I think I’m going to go for the 7 days in a row and see what happens by the end of Dec.

Food-wise I’m doing good. Except for the ice cream my damn hubster brought home and the random baked good. Yes, I will be having honey in my coffee and maybe even some sweetened condensed milk (organic from Trader Joe’s! Squeee!). But I feel like I’m well within the 80/20 rule.

Please let me see some results soon!

2 Responses to “T-Tapp + Primal 21-day Challenge: Day 4-5-6”

  1. josh January 13, 2013 at 8:46 am #

    hi. i’ve read a few of your entries regarding trying the 21-day Primal Challenge. i notice you keep saying that you’ve tried being “mostly” primal, and you aren’t impressed with your results. i really suggest you try it strictly. before doing that, do some more reading and research on Mark’s Daily Apple (check out the definitive guides specifically). understanding the physiology behind the Primal approach is crucial. really, understanding what’s going on rather than just following instructions for the sake of following them will make it easier to resist junk foods and gravitate toward healthy foods. the 80/20 rule is something to settle into once your body has adjusted to burning fat instead of carbs, having a baked good here and there or these other small deviations really will have significant negative impacts on your results.

    seriously, spend some time doing some more research so you fully understand why you’re following the Primal Blueprint and give it another sincere attempt, and if you really commit, i think you’ll love it. especially now that the holidays are over it should also be a bit easier to focus and be disciplined. good luck!

    • tillymonstar January 16, 2013 at 10:06 pm #

      Thanks Joshua for reading and yeah, I could have done better in a Primal aspect. I don’t normally *ever* eat baked goods (but they were gluten free! waaa!), so yeah that was purely a December indulgence and I realize now it was a really stupid idea to do a challenge that month! Ha!

      I read and am a part of MDA and really enjoy Mark’s perspective, I also the Primal Blueprint book. I feel like I have a good understanding of the lifestyle, but I also believe no matter how well I eat, I need to focus on my thyroid disease and without proper medication and advice from a doctor (of the holistic variety, thankyouverymuch!) I wont succeed. I am at the point where I don’t think it’s not my diet to blame. It’s not my exercise routine. It’s my god damn thyroid. And finally, I had a Naturopath confirm this very fact just yesterday, I was just going to the wrong doctor. Thank you so much for reading and your comment!

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