T-Tapp + Primal 21-day Challenge: Finished

21 Dec

2-inch loss? Nope. Not here. I did the SEVEN day bootcamp and saw zero results. Actually, I got a few inches *larger* now that I look at measurements. But lets remember, I started this in December which is a terrible month for me. So busy and stressed. I wasn’t consistent with the every other day thing for a few weeks though– I lasted about 21 days total. I am gonna blame Hashimoto’s. I think I’m having a “flare up” as they say. I feel like shit right now. So does my hubster who has Psoriasis. Guess it’s a seasonal thing. Yay.

T-Tapp doesn’t work as claimed and Teresa does say that everyone is different and this can take time. But I was hoping, just once, to get some results! Now, I probably needed to spend much more time doing it consistently and my body is obviously in a state of hormonal chaos. Yes, I did feel great after the short 15 minute workout. Though I found it boring. I wanted to do more but the book was hard to follow and I don’t have $50 right now to spend on another workout/diet plan.

Yesterday I get a PM from a member on MDA (Mark’s Daily Apple) and she tells me in so many words, “Primal doesn’t work for people with Hashimoto’s, google Ray Peat.” then sends me a few links. At first I read some strange articles about people downing gallons of milk, orange juice and dairy/fruit/protein combinations. Um what? That sounds like utter bullshit. I mean, a pint of ice cream every night? I thought sugar/dairy was the enemy. Maybe not? I can totally accept it however. Who doesn’t like cheese and fruit? UM? CMON. WHO?

But as desperate as I am, I’ll try anything. The food plan is totally confusing but I’m making some sense of it. Stay tuned for my next post about yet another diet. WOO!

2 Responses to “T-Tapp + Primal 21-day Challenge: Finished”

  1. ferrari puma January 8, 2013 at 9:29 am #

    Inspiring quest there. What happened after?
    Take care!

    • tillymonstar January 16, 2013 at 10:12 pm #

      I gained like 2 inches! So lets say it didn’t do anything for me and GF baked goods did tons! :)

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